With recent riots occurring in our cities, it is more important than ever to be able to protect ourselves as was shown during these scary times. The general public were vulnerable to thugs, looters and criminal gangs.

Most people don’t realise how violent a world we live in and as a result walk around in a daze, oblivious to what could be awaiting around the next corner. It is more important than ever to learn what you need to do every day! Now this isn’t as scary as it sounds, but there are measures that can be learned to drastically reduce the potential for harm.

Teaching GrapplingLet me introduce myself, my name is Dean Coulson. I am a fitness professional, Martial Artist and Self Protection Instructor.

I started in the martial arts over 30 years ago and in that time have studied a number of different systems. In that time I have come to realise that not one martial art truly fits for violent street confrontations. Now that may upset or anger people who believe that that is not true, however this is my opinion after studying with some of the worlds best authorities on self protection.

If you were to ask me, ‘what is the essence of real self protection?’ the answer would be simple. Don’t be there. People who consistently find themselves in violent situations are people who have placed themselves in a place where violence is the first language. Avoidance is always the best option. You can be sure that if you find yourself in a violent situation then you have made a mistake, but, monkeys fall out of trees and mistakes are made.

The truth is that real self defense is not and should not be about a physical response. When I teach self defence I encourage people to look at training in a system that covers all the bases, but the bulk of what I teach is in the art of avoidance. And if an encounter does by necessity become physical, what I teach and advocate is the pre-emptive strike (attacking first). It is the only thing that works consistently. It is most likely that  the other stuff that you see, that you are taught or that you think might work ‘out there’ probably will not.


4 Hour Workshop

This 4 hour level 1 workshop has been specifically designed to give you an insight into what can be done to make you feel safer.

No previous martial arts training is required

This will be a mix of presentation and instruction of life saving information and techniques.

This workshop will cover:


  • Target Hardening – Don’t Be a Victim
  • Avoidance Strategies – How not to be in a dangerous situation in the first place!
  • Personal Security Strategies – How to keep yourself and your loved ones safe
  • Dealing with Violent Confrontation – What to do if it all kicks off
  • Self Defense and the Law – What is actually legal and what to say after the event.
  • Pre-Emptive Striking – Last Resort Techniques


These workshops are ideal for martial arts clubs wanting to bring in a different perspective to self defense, companies who want to raise awareness to their employees regarding personal safety (corporations, pubs and clubs, small firms)

In conclusion:

You have to practice awareness to make sure you know what is going on around you at all times, practice people watching when you are out, you soon get a feel for who has  bad intent. Use avoidance to make sure you do not place yourself in situations that could be potentially dangerous. Make yourself a hard target, would be assailants pick on what they perceive as easy targets.

If you find yourself in a situation where you could be in danger, if you can run, if not strike first and then run, never ever comply to an assailants wishes. They will say anything to get you to do what you want, Why would they tell you the truth?

Assert Self Protection train with the best self defense masters in the world and know what does and doesn’t work. Can you safely say you do?