Geoff Thompson and Dean Coulson


The Real Combat System was devised by the legendary Geoff Thompson 8th Dan. Geoff was a notorious door man in Coventry who was known for his no nonsense approach to dealing with violence. Although Geoff was a black belt in various martial arts he realised that only a few techniques actually worked under the highly stressful environment of  a street fight. Over ten years on a night club door he honed these techniques into a workable system.


Dean Coulson has been training constantly with Geoff for over 5 years. Dean holds the rank of 2nd Dan Real Combat System.


The Real Combat System has a complete grading syllabus and is for total beginners up to black belt.


Dean Coulson is proud to represent Geoff Thompson in the North East, the senior instructors directly under Geoff Thompson are Matty Evans 6th Dan and Tony Somers 6th Dan. The Real Combat System website can be viewed at