dean coulson 2nd Dan real combat systemDean Coulson is in his words is a “complete fitness fanatic” and has been for as long as he can remember. He is also passionate about the martial arts and has been hooked from an early age, citing Bruce Lee has his main influence in getting started way back in 1985. For Dean Martial arts means so much more than the physical aspects, he firmly believes in what the arts stands for, integrity, respect and discipline being just some of them.

His own personal Journey defined his love of human performance, nutrition and health. His mother was ill through his teen years and so he embarked on a fitness regime to avoid the same. Later, unable to conceive naturally, he embarked on an exploration of nutrition and health so that he and his wife could have children. Injuries from his sporting activities made him seek out why bodies break down and how they can be fixed.

He has been involved in the martial arts for over 30 years, studied several martial arts to black belt level, including Dan Grades in Taisudo, Emulous Sport Kickboxing and the Real Combat System, studying under the world renowned Geoff Thompson through the British combat association.

His love of the martial arts has taken him to train all over the UK to train with the best practitioners in the arts. He also writes for the UK’s largest martial arts Magazine – Martial Arts Illustrated, something he is really proud of.


Approved instructor and 2nd Dan Black Belt in the Real Combat System.

Approved Self Protection instructor British Combat Association

Chief Instructor of Assert Self Protection

2nd Dan Black Belt In Emulous Sport Kickboxing

3rd Dan Black Belt Taisudo Korean Karate

Combat Strength & Conditioning Coach

MindMap Coach



Dean has been fortunate to train with probably some of the best instructors in the world, in disciplines such as Judo, Russian Sambo Wrestling, Kickboxing and Boxing.

Dean is one of an elite group of black belts that train with the legendary Geoff Thompson 8th Dan who was voted number one self defence expert in the world by Black belt magazine and is recognized as the most influential martial artist since Bruce Lee. Dean continues to train with Geoff Thompson in the Real Combat System which is based in Coventry.

Dean is a qualified instructor under Peter Consterdine 9th Dan and is recognized and approved by the British Combat Association as a Combat Instructor.

Dean also trains with Multiple World Kick boxing Champion, Master Kenn Forrest 6th Dan at the Emulous Sport Kickboxing dojo in Northumberland and also Provides strength and conditioning coaching for all of Kenn’s fights.