Assert Self Protection was founded by Dean Coulson to bring a new dimension to the world of Self Defense.

Focusing on the latest self defense techniques and concepts, Assert Self Protection provides a Challenging and efficient way of learning effective skills that can better equip you to protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of a violent confrontation.

“To protect the self from the self and live life with purpose and meaning is the ultimate aim of Assert Self Protection”

We see self protection as much more than protecting yourself on the street from potential dangerous situations, it is about understanding the self, how we learn to protect ourselves from ourselves. To grow through discomfort and forge better lives through brutal and honest self introspection.

At Assert Self Protection we use a combination of systems, using the best from each to better equip you in the event of a real life altercation.



Dean Coulson, Founder and Chief Instructor of Assert Self Protection, has over 30 years of experience in the Martial Arts world, and are able to offer Cutting Edge instruction and consultancy in any of the following areas:

Weekly Martial Arts Classes
Private 1-2-1 Self Defence Tuition
Martial Arts Seminars – around the World
Women Only Self Defence Workshops
Corporate Personal Security Presentations
Motivational – Life Coaching Presentations
Fight Choreography

For more information please get in touch by Phone on 07017406000 or visit our contact form to send us a message here